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Mstaml Inc. : We celebrate Mstaml’s 20th anniversary since it was launched in the Middle-East.

Mstaml and New : is a program designed to help people buy and sell cars, find houses and sell services and products such as furniture, devices and other items, as it helps them search for job opportunities and sell new and used items, as well as making trading deals and a lot of other things, in an easy and secured way, Welcome to Mstaml and New.

The name “Mstaml” was changed to “Mstaml and New” on 01/06/2023

In Mstaml and New, we believe that great apps must work efficiently so that you can focus on selling your items, products or services, as Mstaml and New helps you sell your services or sell and buy used or new items online step by step. We also provide numerous great features in Mstaml and New’s app to make it easy to use.

Since 2020, ” Mstaml and New” has become wholly owned by Mstaml Inc, it is a global company officially headquartered in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo.

The story of Mstaml and New.

Our journey started in 1422 corresponding to 2001, as the first online Arabic market was launched on the internet; Mstaml and New’s website, Back then, an online system that helps people communicate and trade in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was needed, a system that offers free announcement services on the internet for any goods or services, used or new.

Mstaml, hence the name, is an Arabic word “مستعمل” that mean “Used”, The website was named this way to make it easily searchable, which made it one of the most visited websites, Mstaml and New; with its countless sections; is being visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly for its unique services.


Mstaml and New exhibits thousands of goods and services available for any client to check an order directly from the sellers without a medium, If you wish to sell or advertise any product or service, all you have to do is list your announcement on Mstaml and New to be seen by users from your country.

Mstaml and New is a C2C system that solves the problem of the buyer not finding the solution for your goods and makes you benefit from the goods that you or your office do not need, whether these goods or even were at some stage of goods and services in them, Services, products, goods, and to complete the sale of services and goods.

From our earliest days, our platform helped Sellers and Merchants plug into and take advantage of the digital economy, enabling them to modernize their operations and expand their reach, We increased the access of sellers to buyers, and sellers loved it. And because of this, We work daily constantly to develop our system and services to help them sell their goods.

Constant Development and Keeping Up with The Users’ Needs.

Mstaml and New’s system has evolved gradually with time thanks to the efforts of the experienced and passionate engineers and developers, Mstaml and New’s crew consists of local and foreign youthful employees who are considered the driving force of Mstaml and New’s app, as we hire highly qualified workers to accelerate the development and to keep up with the clients’ demands and maintain a good relationship with the prominent persons in relevant domains by creating a working environment that features a challenging pattern. In the current period of 2021, we restructured 75% of Mstaml and New’s crew by hiring some of the most skilled and talented individuals in terms of management experience, development, customer service, marketing, programming and public relations. With our current crew, we look forward to achieve high results that serve Mstaml and New’s users, as well as the investors in our future plans.

Developed programs compatible with all devices that simplify searching and selling.

Since the first day Mstaml and New was launched, it ran on special and powerful programs that were developed internally by a team of developers and engineers who were eager to develop the system to function with the latest programs, as they used:

⦁ PHP: for processing server requests.
⦁ MySQL: for storing data.
⦁ Ionic: For an appealing interface that fits all portable devices.
⦁ Angular: For speed and interaction.

And other technologies such as: Cordova, Javascript, jQuery, Typescript, HTML, SASS, CSS, Mustache, AMP. These technologies were developed by trusted and approved sides, as we update them to the latest versions on a regular basis. To make Mstaml work on the highest levels of security; we use the best coding techniques to save the passwords and the privacy info of our users.

Mstaml and New app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei device stores

Mstaml and New on the Media.

We are proud that the great popularity of the “Mstaml and New” site and its knowledge among people has built a great relationship for us with the local media in all countries in which “Mstaml and New” operates, which made many people talk about “Mstaml and New” and the services it provides, and for this we will review these new and old coverages that the newspapers talked about.