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Selling and Buying Online Is Evolving and Becoming Easier Everyday.

Today, selling and buying online has become much easier than before, in fact, it is getting easier and easier everyday thanks to the technological development, as a lot of international companies and sellers and buyers now prefer to do their trading and purchases online in order to get an access for more products, or to increase their sails, for now they can get customers from all over the globe. People now can trade in Real-Estates, Vehicles, Furniture, Phones or Services or Fashion or even outfits and Pets, new or preowned, as they also can provide their services online easily, regardless to being individuals or companies.

Sell The Items That You Don’t Use Anymore and Search for Products That Interest You.

If you wish to sell something that you don’t use anymore, or if you were looking for a certain product, whether new or preowned, or even if you want to start an online trading business with competitive prices, then you are at the right place, because Mstaml will help you in each step, from listing items and products for sail, to searching for goods or products to buy, or even to start an online trading business, thru easy steps that you will find in the help center, in addition to other instruction of how to start an online store, or how to get more traffic to your announcement on Mstaml.

Why do I sell and buy on Mstaml?

Since the first day it was launched, Mstaml aimed to make selling and buying online a successful and easy experience by being exceptional in so many ways, among which we mention:
⦁ Being the first website that features classified announcements and online trading in Saudi Arabia and in the Arabic world in 2001.
⦁ Being the first website that implements 1% commission from each sale.
⦁ Mstaml is an interactive website, because the announcements posted on it automatically target the interest of users.
⦁ Mstaml’s system is highly compatible with google and SEO, as it is considered one of the fastest loading websites thanks to the AMP system.
⦁ Mstaml keeps up with its users’ interests by tracking their search for specific announcements and products, hence, it shows relevant announcements using artificial intelligence.
⦁ Mstaml is one of the least hacked websites, as it has seen the least amount of online scams, this is due to its security system that automatically and permanently blocks unusual ads and bans suspected users using their IP address or phone numbers and prevents them from logging in to Mstaml in a permanent manner. Mstaml’s supervisors are 24h available to monitor announcements and to activate memberships. Resetting the password in Mstaml takes only an SMS message.
⦁ The discussion community is a section where users can initiate discussions about general or business topics and exchange experiences. This section is meant for helping users stick to one app that enables them sell and get new experiences and info every day.

We Help You to get new buyers to Your Goods Real Fast with Our Unique System.

In order to make the most of Mstaml’s selling and buying services, we created Mstaml’s store system, it made it easy for entrepreneurs and business owners sell their goods consistently by creating online store on Mstaml thru which they can sell their products and services. Mstaml’s online store can be linked to e-stores’ domains easily to simplify monitoring traffic, responding to clients’ messages and buying the fast ads service to promotes announcements; which will be automatically promoted on Mstaml because the store systems on Mstaml are linked; all of that can be done without having to log in to Mstaml’s main system.

A team of professional engineers working to develop the system and observe it moment by moment,

Mstaml’s free e-store system currently has more than 800 active stores.

With our linking system, you don’t need AD campaigns to promote your products.

Mstaml’s Online store system is different from other e-store generating websites, because it saves you the trouble of promoting your products on social media platforms or on sensations’ accounts, because it is linked to Mstaml’s main system; which means if you list your items on Mstaml’s online store they will automatically show on Mstaml’s main system.

We don’t just provide you with an online store, we help you get buyers for your goods as well

Payment now is easier and requires no time-consuming bank transfers.

In Mstaml, online payment became the main payment option opted by users to carry out their deals online with more privacy and safety. The electronic payment means include:

This option is meant for speeding up all sorts of payments; whether paying commissioning fees, paying for paid services and subscriptions’ fees such as memberships, or paying for paid ads. Payments are then processed by supervisors without saving your cards digits in devices or in the database of Mstaml, not to mention that this process used to be time consuming due to the amount of time taken to carry out bank transfers that implicate fees and unexpected payment delay and checking sender’s info…etc.
The online payment service that Mstaml provides is compatible with all portable devices and tablets and computers, in addition to that, we are constantly working on providing new payment means to meet the demands of users all over the world.

Tips for your safety.

Whether you were a buyer or a seller, the following tips will help you work safer on Mstaml, and it is worth noting that we work with the local authorities with whom we are in a direct contact to report all illegal announcements and scams to them.
⦁ Meet the seller in public and crowded areas such as cafeterias and banks, because these areas are safe and comfortable for both parts, and do not forget to bring company with you if possible.
⦁ Communicate only on Mstaml and ask the seller about all what you want to know about the product that you wish to buy so that you can identify any suspicious activity.
⦁ Beware of transferring money to external banks, electronic banks or even PayPal and western union…etc.
⦁ Beware of dealing with unapproved mediums and third parties who claim to be distributors who request to communicate on WhatsApp.
⦁ Check the seller’s profile, his activities and the feedback that he received, as well as his responses to the people who inquired about his products in the listed announcements.
⦁ If you feel uncomfortable about a seller, or if you suspect his goods, or if he refuses to give sufficient information about his products, or if he refused to meet you in a public place; you would better not buy any products from him, specially that there are plenty of similar items for sale.
⦁ Do not give any personal financial information to anyone.
⦁ Avoid working with people outside of your country or outside of the countries that are supported by our website.
⦁ Report any work, announcements, a seller or a buyer who commits inappropriate acts to the support center.
⦁ In case you got scammed, go to the nearest police department, or use “Koulouna Amin” and report what happened to us thru the support center so that we can help you by providing the data of the person who scammed you so that we submit them to the concerned sides and stop his membership.
⦁ Please read the user’s agreement carefully for more info about safety.