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Mstaml & New – Middle East – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – March 1, 2024: Based on the hadith of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace: “The believer to the believer is like a structure that strengthens one another” and from the concept of social solidarity, and assistance to the needy who want these goods and benefit from them instead of throwing them away or disposing of them, The “Donate Now” option makes it easier for all sellers to display the goods they have but do not need by displaying them, and those who need and deserve this item will chat with them to complete the receipt process.

We also work to preserve the environment by implementing our responsibilities of recycling and reuse, which contributes to achieving Vision 2030 by presenting a model sustainable business.

Through our team’s study and listening to some suggestions, it became clear that there are many goods that sellers don’t want to receive sums of money and would like to give to the needy instead of throwing them away. Due to our social responsibility in these cases, we have added this option “Donate Now” and we ask God that it will be beneficial to the donor and the needy.

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