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It will contribute to the provision of multi-channel payments solutions serving Mstaml countries in the MENA region

February 9, 2023 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – In conjunction with the holding of the LEAP exhibition, “the largest technical conference and exhibition concerned with the future of technologies and their role in the prosperity of mankind.

Mstaml Inc, “The leading buying and selling application in the most populous region,” signed a strategic partnership with the TAP payment company. To expand and provide digital payments service in the countries in which the Mstaml application operates and provides its services, as it includes more than 15 countries from the Middle East and North Africa region.

On this occasion, the CEO of Mstaml Inc, Mr. Abdulrahman Muhammad bin Shahbel, said: “With our rapid growth and expansion outside Saudi Arabia, we chose Tap to be our partner in our digital payments that serve the application’s customers in more than 15 regions in which Mstaml operates. They buy and sell our customers, and this partnership will facilitate Providing local and international payments to customers faster.

For his part, Department Manager, Corporate Payments at TAP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Muhammad Al-Khowaiter said: “Through our partnership with Mstaml, we will help TAP Payments guide society towards a sustainable and responsible future. By facilitating the resale of used goods through Mstaml, we are not only providing seamless payment solutions but also positively impacting the economic environment. We are proud to join forces with Mstaml in their pursuit of a green future.”

“Mstaml” application, which was established and has been operating since 2001, helps in providing direct free advertising services on the Internet, for any goods or services that you would like to view or request, and presents them in a new, easy and fast way by providing an advanced and safe environment for sellers and buyers and in many departments such as cars, real estate, appliances, furniture, services, and many others. “Mstaml” also contains hundreds of thousands of goods and services offered or required from their owners directly, so that the user of the application can review these goods and search for what suits him, communicate with their owners directly, and negotiate with them without an intermediary, And if the user also wants to advertise any goods or services, all he has to do is add his ad, to publish it directly in “Mstaml”, and it will be seen by users in the same country.

About TAP: Founded in 2014, Tap Payments has revolutionized online payments for businesses and consumers in the MENA region by providing powerful, easy-to-use payment services to simplify complex processes. Today, Tap Payments serves more than 100,000 businesses of all sizes in 9 countries and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Tap Payments simplifies payment methods in the Middle East and North Africa region, regionally and globally. Prior to its creation, online payment acceptance was a complex process that took months to set up and involved multiple parties. Since its inception, Tap Payments has helped small and medium businesses to accept payments within days by enabling custom billing. Fintech services at TAP Payments are designed by local people.

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