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With more than 3.5 million downloads on all IOS, Android and Huawei devices

Mstaml Inc – the leading application company in facilitating the C2C buying and selling process in the region, celebrated its arrival to more than 1 million registered members of the application, sellers and buyers who trusted the application and dealt with it, and hundreds of thousands of goods and services offered by their owners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ceremony was attended by many From users of the application who had uniquely provided unique experiences in buying and selling through Mstaml.

Mstaml application that is designed to help you buy and sell cars, find housing or a job, uniquely provided unique and unique and help you find a buyer for the commodity you want to sell, whether it is a “car, mobile, furniture, real estate, device, food…etc” or even a professional service in which you want to profit and benefit From them, you can display them easily and safely in the application, and the application also helps you buy the goods you are looking for with the best options offered by their owners and the best price provided and by the seller. If you want to display your goods, all you have to do is add your ad directly.

The application uses high-security systems that have been developed and worked on during the past 20 years and in connection with the “Absher” system to verify the identity of the people selling in the application, The shipping service can be used and track the goods that you sold directly from the application to reach the buyer.

The CEO of a Mstaml Inc , Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammed bin Shahbal, said on this celebration and occasion:

Praise be to God, thanks to God, and then thanks to the efforts of our team, Today, we served more than 1 million users from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The largest and most important market in the region, through which our wise government has created many systems that pave the way for safe and fertile ground to work electronically, and we seek today to better serve the users of the applicatio, God willing, through our services, a user today displays hundreds of thousands of goods and services offered or requested from their owners, in which they sell and we serve them with many services, including the service of verifying the buyer’s account before purchasing through the “Absher” system, direct shipping service, issuing the policy from the application and tracking your order To reach the buyer after the sale and the service of creating your store and selling from it, all these services and services that we are working on and we will launch in the coming days have facilitated the buying and selling process and made the “Mstaml ” application the preferred choice for most sellers and buyers.

The journey of “Mstaml” began as the first application for buying and selling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2001, when the first Arab market on the Internet was launched, the “used” website, www.mstaml.com, when the need at that time was for an online system that helps people to communicate, sell and buy In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, where it used to provide you with a free direct advertising service on the Internet, for any new or used goods or service that you would like to offer or request to extend today to serve more than 20 Arab countries. “Mstaml” helps them to buy and sell easily and quickly.

Download app now and enjoy 🙂

Mstaml app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei device stores
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