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The development of the chat system, the ability to send voice messages, your current location, and pictures within private messages.

Mstaml Inc – Middle East – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – May 29, 2022: “Mustamed” launched the latest version of the “Mstaml” system, which is 4.4.1 (click here to download), which received extensive modifications for the application on all devices in all systems, this version has been worked on Significantly taking all the problems of users that they faced in the previous version and solving them in addition to major developments that included the development of the messaging and private conversation system through which you can send voice messages and a map to your site as well as direct images, and the version also included updates that keep pace with the latest systems used in programming to facilitate the browsing process.

The main points that have been worked on in the new version 4.4.1:

  1. The ability to record a voice on the chat page.
  2. Activate the ability to send a geographical location on the map on the conversation page in an easy way so that the map can be moved with one finger. After sending the location it appears in the form of an image with an indication of the specified location. When you click on it, Google Maps opens with the identification of the exact location.
  3. Activating the ability to send up to 20 images in each message of the types jpg and png within the conversation page by making the images appear consecutively with their explanation and activating the ability to open them in the full-screen move between images within the same message.
  4. Make conversation attachments from images and audio files open only to those who sent them and to those who received them so that no person can post a link to an attached file on the Internet in general.
  5. Fixed a problem with Google Map in all places in the search field.
  6. Make the cursor in the search map in all places move instantly while moving the map so that it remains in the center of the map to facilitate the selection of the place.
  7. Storing the dimensions of the images that are sent in conversations in their links so that they are displayed in their correct dimensions even before they are loaded to prevent page flickering after uploading their attachments.
  8. The recording process produces files in different formats in different browsers, so a code has been made to convert these formats when they are received in the server to become mp3, which reduces their size and makes them readable by all browsers that we currently support. Code to dampen noise in recordings before storing them.
  9. Alert made a new warning against posting advertisements for marketers of the car and mobile divisions within the add an advertisement page.
  10. Solve the problem of paying the commission when you test (Ad not found in the options above.) You can not pay.
  11. Change the font in the application, website, and all user pages.
  12. If the last thing sent in the correspondence is an attachment, the texts (image – sound – location) with their icons will be shown according to the status on the correspondence page.
  13. Fixed an issue that caused an error in the console on the advertisement page if it was a deleted advertisement.
  14. Make the brands’ names appear with their pictures in the market filters.
  15. Fixed an issue with the shipment tracking page that occurred when there were long texts attached in the shipment stages from the shipping company where in this case part of the content was missing.
  16. Cache prevented all files and made them private in their storage (not open by the general public from the links to the stores directly) as all current file types are files of the person who uploaded them or the person who received them cache was blocked.
  17. Salah is an old problem in almost all mobile browsers, which is that when the image is taken with the camera, it appears inverted by ninety degrees.
  18. Adding the payment section in Technical Support by sending an internal message to each person who fails to pay the link to the news section.
  19. Fix an error in-store design images in your store design page used design.
  20. Activate the feature to browse all images when clicking on one of them on the pages of the advertisement and the topic.
  21. Fixed an old issue that occurred when two maps were open at the same time, each responding to button presses inside the other.
  22. Delete some old codes that are no longer in use.
  23. Internal fixes and updates to the application.

Download app now and enjoy 🙂

Mstaml app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei device stores
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