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In the presence of many important influential figures and company officials in the Hashemite Kingdom

Mstaml – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – November 16, 2021 – Amman today witnessed the launch of the “Jordan” section in a “Mstaml” application, as users in the Kingdom can now use the application, publish their ads, display the goods they want to sell, whether it’s new or used, and communicate with sellers by ease.

The launch of “Mstaml” in Jordan aims to expand the application operations globally and target countries that are witnessing growth in buying and selling via the Internet and provide a unique and fast buying and selling experience to a larger number of buyers or sellers. Jordan also has a vital industrial sector that is growing rapidly and remarkably, especially with the presence of Retailers, sellers, brands, and local craftsmen, and we look forward to more people and companies benefiting from the Mstaml in the coming years, in addition to the growth in the use of global and local electronic payments such as: Visa, MasterCard and Wi-Fi payment via a local bank card, all these things It was an incentive for a Mstaml team to launch the section in the Kingdom, and the “Jordan” section was launched in a user a few months ago, during this period more than +3000 people registered and many goods in various sections through the application such as : cars, real estate, devices, services, Furniture, and many sections.

Mr.Abdulrahman Mohammad bin Shahbal, Operations Manager in the region, explained that the presence of a “Mstaml” in Jordan aims to develop the buying and selling operations and make them quickly and safely in the Hashemite Kingdom and contribute to creating new sales and job opportunities by offering users services in the application, whether they are It is a special goods, services or trade by creating a special store that helps you in developing your sales, and that customers can benefit from the “customer service” available all day long, seven days a week; For assistance with any queries, they may have.

The launch was attended by many important and influential figures and officials of telecommunications companies and car agencies in the Hashemite Kingdom to witness the launch and learn about “Mstaml ” services and the goal of its presence in “Jordan”, where the launch was presented by: Mr. Saif Rumman, and Mr.Abdulrahman Mohammad bin Shahbal explained the application and the services that It provides and the goal of the presence of a Mstaml in Jordan in addition to answering the questions of people about Mstaml and the application.

Users in the Kingdom of Jordan can directly download the application, which is available on all devices:

Mstaml app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei device stores

Pictures from launch:

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