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The word “New” has been added to the website name to include all new goods and products, not just used ones, The browsing system has been developed with a new design that facilitates navigation between sections and advertisements. There is the ease in the advertisement posting page, as well as the activation of the night mode system. A new system supports user preferences and its application, along with the activation of the payment service for all countries where both used and new products are available.

“Mstaml And New” – Middle East – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – June 1, 2023: “Mstaml And New” has launched the latest version of the system, which is 4.4.9 (Click here to download it), which has undergone extensive modifications for the application on all devices and operating systems, This version has been significantly worked on, addressing all the issues faced by users in the previous version and solving them, in addition to major developments that include a simplified new design for the application, making it easier to browse and navigate between sections and advertisements.

The ad posting page has become very easy with clear and simple options, The addition of the night mode option, along with the feature to identify the user’s preferred mode, has been included, and based on it, the user’s preferred mode will be activated in Mstaml And New, The version also includes updates that keep up with the latest programming systems to facilitate the browsing process.
Key points that have been worked on in the new version 4.4.9:

  1. The logo of the website, application, and system has been changed to “Mstaml And New” instead of “Mstaml”
  2. A new, simpler design for the application that is easy to navigate between sections and advertisements.
  3. The advertisement posting page has become very easy with clear and simple options.
  4. Added a service to generate a car report summary to check the car’s data, accidents, and ownership before purchasing.
  5. Added a night mode option with a feature to determine the user’s preferred mode, and the preferred mode will be activated in Mostaamal based on that.
  6. Enabled payment service for all countries served by Mostaamal and provided Visa, Apple Pay, and Mastercard, and some countries have been linked to their local payment methods.
  7. Fixed a problem with Google Maps in all search fields.
  8. Deleted some old codes that are no longer used.
  9. Internal fixes and updates for the application.

Download app now and enjoy 🙂

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