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It makes it easy for users to send and follow up on the sold goods directly through the application

Mstaml – Middle East – Saudi Arabia – August 15, 2021: “Mstaml” launched the “Shipping” service, a new service that was launched to facilitate the buying and selling operations for “Mstaml” users to be able to ship and deliver their goods
that they sold in the application to buyers with ease and speed and follow up Also directly from the application until it is received by the buyer.

The “Shipping Service” system works for a user in an easy and fast way and has several clear steps, The system is linked to many distinguished, high-quality, and most widespread shipping companies. All you have to do is make sure of the sizes and weight allowed in the service, write your name and correct data, and not use aliases or incorrect names and approve On the terms and conditions and after the payment process, print the policy and attach it to the shipment, and deliver it to the branch of the shipping company near you. You can follow the status of the shipment directly through the “My Shipments” page, or you can follow any shipment that has been sent to you by sellers as a user via the “Track shipment” page.

Mstaml team works to provide an environment that helps users to build buying and selling operations with ease and safety for everyone and to make the operations that are carried out without any errors or problems happen, God forbid.

You can send your shipment by entering the “Shipping” section and then sending a shipment, then fill in the data of the commodity and its weight, then the data of the buyer or recipient, and then pay to issue the policy and then print it and deliver it to your nearest branch from you.

You can then follow any shipment that you shipped in the application through “My Shipments” and you will see the shipments that you sent and also track the shipment where it arrived and in seconds and whether it was received by the buyer or not yet, and send the tracking number to the buyer person to follow up on the item that he purchased directly through the shipment tracking service with ease.

How do I use the service?

Q&A for shipping service

To facilitate the process of understanding the shipping service, how it works, what are the allowed sizes and prices, many expected questions have been created through the help page “click here” and it will help you to use the service with ease and speed.

Customer service in “Shipping” at your service 24 hours

The customer service team in the shipping service directly follows up the requests made in the application, issues policies and questions that users need, and helps them explain the service and ways to use it correctly, and solve problems if any, God forbid.

You can communicate with customer service through the application from here or through e-mail: [email protected] Customer Team will be glad to serve you.

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