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Added shipping service, internal fixes, department updates and fixed some problems

Mstaml – Middle East – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – August 15, 2021: “Mstaml” launched the latest version of the “Mstaml” system, which is 4.3.3, which received major modifications to apply to all devices in all systems, this version has been working perfectly and took all problems Users encountered in the previous version and their solution, in addition to developments, and updates that keep pace with the latest systems used in programming to facilitate the browsing process and the speed of displaying advertisements, as well as launching the shipping service in the application, as well as updating internal departments such as cars and real estate and fixing locating places.

The main aspects that were developed in the latest version 4.3.3

  1. Launching the “Shipping” service, a new service launched to facilitate the buying and selling operations for “’Mstaml” users to be able to ship and deliver the merchandise that they sold in the application to buyers with ease and speed, and also follow it directly from the application until it is received by the buyer.
  2. Updating the “Cars” section, adding and updating about 220 brands and new cars on the market.
  3. Internal updates to application versions, general tweaks, optimizations, and internal fixes speed up performance and lighten the overall load.
  4. Adding the ability to change the payment method directly on the payment page without going back to the previous page.
  5. Alterations in the arrangement of the internal pages and the merging of some of them.
  6. Updates in the real estate section and updating of cities and neighborhoods in addition to adding and adding more areas and neighborhoods in other Gulf countries places.
  7. Salah has a problem with adding an ad when making a scroll to the field in which there is an error, as the scroll was not working and Fox was not made in Android versions.

Download app now and enjoy 🙂

Mstaml app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei device stores
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